7 Pro Tips for Easier Bookkeeping & Accounting

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It’s easy to let these build up and log them all at the end of the week… But the end of the week soon becomes the end of the month, and then the end of the quarter. If you have children in private school, that big invoice for the first term will be due for payment. If you require help with bookkeeping or any other aspect of your accounts, then Walji can help.

Can be extremely helpful on this front, since they are specifically designed to help you track both one-off and recurring expenses. However, plenty of small-business owners utilize basic spreadsheets such as Excel or even rely on a pen-and-paper ledger. Establish a process that works well for you and stick with it. Right around tax time, you’ll be grateful you decided to hire a bookkeeping service.

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To ensure that peaceful slumber, form a habit of documenting everything. Jot down notes about purchases and expenses and throw them in the file. Develop a storage system and naming protocol for invoices, receipts, and records. But what if you need to come up with a down payment for an office or need to purchase new equipment and software to help you build your business? Planning for major expenses can help you best utilize the business credit and resources available to you while giving you peace of mind. Payroll software beneficial for multiple reasons, including for logging your inbound and outbound transactions.

  • These insights will help you avoid dangerous amounts of debt and leverage your existing capital to its utmost potential.
  • Budget your business for the future to avoid unnecessary stress and surprises.
  • When your business income mixes with your personal accounts, it doesn’t make more money—it just makes a mess.
  • Paper documents are often cumbersome, messy, and inconvenient.

Make sure to block off time in advance to take care of your bookkeeping tasks. You’re likely extremely busy, and many things might seem immediately more important than tracking your day-to-day finances. Don’t slip into the procrastination trap—set aside time at the end of each day and month to reconcile your books. To some degree, you should check your financial records every day. At the end of each day, make sure the money in the bank matches the receipts. By monitoring your transactions daily, you’ll be able to catch errors, fraud, and unexpected fees before it’s too late.

Will they have books that look perfect, but have hidden flaws that are harder to spot? It’s surprising how often this happens in a mostly paperless world. That’s not to say that clients you’ve had for years will have books that are in better shape, but at least you know what to expect. It’s always a little scary when you start working with a new client.

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You can pull out the wrong credit card while buying lunch, filling your gas tank, or paying for supplies. You can charge a business expense to your personal account with the intention of straightening it out later. That’s why we’re going to go over the most crucial bookkeeping tips for beginners.

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Bookkeeping is simply the process of keeping track of your financial transactions, including income and expenses. By doing your own bookkeeping, you can save money on outsourcing and have greater control over your finances. Details like these can be easily input into your accounting software, which then uses the data to generate invoices. It will also automatically generate accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow reports to keep your financial records updated. This is vital in case you’re ever audited, or if you need to apply for lines of credit. For freelancers, accounting might not be first on the list of business priorities.

Bookkeeping 101: tips for entrepreneurs

The IRS recognizes that somepost closing trial balances an employee misclassification is a mistake. Employers sometimes misclassify employees as subcontractors to save on employee sick pay, health insurance, worker’s compensation, unemployment benefits, and other costs. 2) Double Entry – When this system is used, every transaction will affect two accounts simultaneously. It’s important to send invoices right after delivering the goods or performing services. The customer is more likely to pay fast, given that the service is fresh in their minds. Use tools to help you set a budget and manage your assets to better oversee your operational costs.

Bookkeeping helps you answer all of those questions, and in turn, assess the financial health of your company. You’ll get a sense for where you stand, what you can work on, and come up with a plan for getting even healthier. Don’t rely on your bookkeeper to analyze your accounting reports—their job is to input data into the software. It’s the manager’s job to examine the output of the accounting system to help manage the business.

Organizing and keeping accounting records like business invoices, receipts, and expenses can make or break your business’s books. If you fail to keep accurate records, the financial condition of your company can suffer. Even if you’re busy, you must set aside time to review your financial reports and take any required actions. Your accounts payables and receivables track the cash that you anticipate will flow in and out of your business in the near future.

Let a Professional do Your Small Business Bookkeeping

If you’re still accepting cash transactions, there’s a way to track that with Lendio’s software too. Are you one of those small business owners who just love poring over spreadsheets? Yes, your business’s books are a scorecard of how well you’re doing—but if you’re not a “numbers person,” doing your bookkeeping may sound as appealing as a root canal. Still, other business owners mean to go over their business finances but get caught up in the day-to-day and never get around to it. No matter how you feel about bookkeeping, it’s one of those tasks no business owner can avoid forever. This is as simple as setting up a separate bank account and using a business credit card for every financial transaction.

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Schedule your bookkeeping tasks and activities into smaller tasks and complete them over the course of the week. If the cost starts to approach the actual cost of outsourced bookkeeping, it’s time to consider taking the load off your back. Don’t forget to save money for office supplies, inventory, maintenance, and repairs. Budget your business for the future to avoid unnecessary stress and surprises. Remember that assets are what your company owns, and liabilities are what it owes.

This process is where bookkeeping turns from entries to insights. Yes, bookkeeping is a necessary evil for legal purposes, taxes, and audits, but it also informs and drives your business strategy. Lendio’s software makes it easy for you to create custom invoices that look professional and provides a clear view of what’s paid, unpaid, and past due. So you know which clients are current and which ones need a reminder email. Each year, you probably go to see your doctor for a physical.

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What is bookkeeping? A guide for small businesses.

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You can withdraw a regular salary from the business or, if you’re a sole proprietor, pay yourself using the draw method. These withdrawals, also known as an owner’s draw, are easy to track and document in your bookkeeping. Whether you pay yourself officially by draw or salary, those transfers should be recorded in your business account statements. Bookkeeping is a way for you to track and manage your business finances and is one of the many responsibilities that come with being a small business owner.


Next, devise ways to cut back on unfruitful projects and improve your bottom line through data-based analytics. Make sure you have access controls in place and password-protected information to ensure financial integrity. This will also safeguard you from data breaches and inadvertent loss. You can easily activate it and automatically grant or remove access for team members per your need. Another reason why you should track your expenses and income is to get clear insights into your spending and earning patterns.

  • After all, you got into business because you had a specific skill set to offer, not because you love data entry and bank reconciliations.
  • It’s the manager’s job to examine the output of the accounting system to help manage the business.
  • Small business bookkeeping isn’t an end-of-the-month activity.
  • Enjoy more attention to your business’s social media accounts and potentially create new business relationships and customers.

While money is taken out of each paycheck when you’re a salaried employee, you’ll need to take care of this yourself as a freelancer. Set aside a bit of cash each month, in a separate savings account. This can be used in place of automatic deductions by an employer. A good rule of thumb is to set apart 30 percent of your income each month. You might use a to-do list or calendar app to manage all these different tasks.