Retail software development services for web and mobile

This enables you to implement patient-focused solutions fast or fully automate your healthcare facility processes. Working with EPAM, you can hire coders with a proven track record in retail application development. With a user-friendly online store from EPAM Anywhere Business, you will be able to sell to more customers no matter their location and always be prepared should lockdowns occur. This literally makes it impossible to keep track of every store in the chain. To solve this problem, it is enough to create an ERP that allows you to monitor the activity of each point, analyze, evaluate the work of distributors, and manage the sales team. A major reason online retailers lose reputation and customers is because of untimely responses to customer requests and inquiries.

  • As a retailer, you want to make it easy for them to find the products they want, place orders, and checkout without hassle.
  • Intellias helps retailers provide consistent and customer-centric shopping experiences across all channels with disruptive retail technologies.
  • Personalized discount offers can be pushed to shoppers in close proximity to the store, while smart shelves and automated checkouts help improve inventory control and customer experience.
  • This allows shoppers to enjoy similarly tailored discounts and loyalty program offers at the POS as they do on the website, increasing loyalty.
  • Or we can join you further along your software development life cycle – allowing you to flex your team to meet a specific skill requirement, speed up time-to-market and guarantee a quality product.
  • We create powerful, mobile-responsive shopping cart solutions for all types of retail businesses, focusing on providing the ultimate shopping experience.

As experts in e-commerce, we know exactly what will work best to meet your business needs. Intelvision is a web application development company that cares about every client’s success. You will be able to manage prices and discounts, come up with effective in-store strategies, and track product stock levels. We incorporate supply chain & logistics management functionality to streamline transportation management, warehouse management, logistics, and reverse logistics operations across the board. Software development for retail is about more than just codifying numbers and instructions. It also involves research, designing data and process flow, technical documentation, debugging, and testing it to function correctly.


Our end-to-end approach allows us to implement web apps, APIs, efficient data storage, cloud hosting, and other components required for a successful SaaS solution. We harness the power of industry-leading tools to develop shopping cart platforms that provide catalog features and branded category management. We engineer mobile-responsive e-commerce software solutions that offer automated synchronization of your physical inventory with your e-commerce store. We develop feature-rich customer service and case management solutions, built with advanced self-service options and personalized communication tools.

Build vulnerability-proof trust accounting software that allows you to manage trust funds easily and securely. It’s easier to track your financial retail business processes and accommodate different payment systems on one platform for accurate cost optimization. Payments, supply chain management, and decentralized marketplaces are currently the three main use cases for blockchain technology in e-commerce. Reap the benefits of third-party enterprise software integrations including CRM; CMS; accounting software; marketing automation; inventory management; and ERP technology. At CleverDev Software we create custom solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, and render business automation services, using time-proven technologies and approaches.

Benefits of retail solutions development with EPAM Anywhere Business

FishBowl inventory is among the leading inventory management software in the retail industry, used for multi-faceted functionalities. The inventory management solution provides real-time inventory updates and sets up automatic reorders for all the products that will be out of stock soon. In addition to this, the powerful capabilities of the retail software eliminate any data entry errors with barcodes for reordering and cycle count inventory. Furthermore, the software readily integrates with Salesforce, UPS Ready, QuickBooks, Xero, and other solutions. With its extensive experience in the market, iFour Technolab has been helping its retail industry clients to solve these challenges by delivering custom software development services and solutions.

Our engineering team develops personalized solutions that will enhance your current web performance and attract new customers. We’ll help you differentiate your company in the competitive market with our retail software services. Boost your digital business strategy by investing in key growth enabling technologies and new digital capabilities like AI segmentation, behavioral analytics, and indoor positioning. We design extraordinary e-commerce websites and applications that are mobile-friendly and provide the ultimate shopping experiences for customers.


In addition to reducing overhead costs and automating processes, our custom retail software is designed to attract users and convert them into leads. As data breaches increase, it has become increasingly important for companies in the retail industry to have custom software with secure payment portals. In addition, custom retail software which offers an easy and streamlined payment process often see an increase in sales and customer retention. Our IT services for retail businesses include developing complex ERP tools, enabling you to manage all your business processes in one place, from sales transactions to supply chain management. Depending on the size of your business, we will offer an effective solution for you.

software development for retail

We develop scalable online multi-vendor marketplaces for e-commerce businesses that offer a variety of products to the users from multiple vendors at competitive prices. Our solutions allow e-commerce platforms to set up multiple commission structures for vendors including category-based commission. We help boost business profits by launching highly advanced and intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. With complete flexibility, best-in-class features and enhanced customization options for the mobile commerce marketplace, our blazing-fast apps enhance the end-users shopping experiences. Comcash is a retail suite that includes ERP software, desktop and mobile point of sale applications, accounting and inventory management software, an administration portal, and an eShop. A major highlight of this project is applied Data Science—specific models make weekly demand predictions, generate targeted discounts, and offer relevant accompanying products to drive additional revenue.

The Distribution Sector: Pains and Solutions

This is a bottleneck that has to be solved if it’s present in your application. To keep customers coming back, stores in the online retail industry need to optimize the User Experience. It is possible to implement a chatbot to help customers if they can’t make a decision or have difficulties with going to the next step.

software development for retail

In the first place, retail software development will help you start your retail industry quickly now that we live in the digital age. In addition, sales customers can buy your product 24/7 without a physical store, thus reducing operational costs. The Internet of Things has many potential applications in retail environments. Personalized discount offers can be pushed to shoppers in close proximity to the store, while smart shelves and automated checkouts help improve inventory control and customer experience. IoT-enabled cameras continually track products and alert management to theft or unauthorized access.

User-Friendly Design

Attract and retain customers, get detailed information on your business, and achieve high ROI with retail solutions development from EPAM Anywhere Business. With our streamlined communication, domain expertise, and personal support, your project’s success is assured. Ecommerce and retail software development is retail logistics software a growing business, with the industry expected to grow by more than a billion in the next five years. When traditional retail industry sales channels are no longer able to perform their primary functions of generating revenue, the solution is to create an online platform that integrates all sales channels.

software development for retail